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    Testing Since 2012

Oregon Backflow Testing provides commercial and residential backflow testing, installation, and repair to the greater Portland metro area.  When working with Oregon Backflow Testing, you are working with an environmentally friendly company with knowledgeable, and certified technicians. We are locally owned and operated in Portland, Oregon.

We perform annual backflow test in Tigard, Beaverton, sherwood, wilsonville and tualatin oregon
What we do

When we perform your annual testing, the technician will first inspect the backflow assembly ensuring everything is in tact. Then the technician uses a calibrated gauge to perform a variety of tests to isolate different parts of the backflow. This will detect if the backflow is functioning properly and will pass the requirements set by the Oregon Health Authority

Our technicians are certified and can repair backflow assemblies. They carry the tools required to perform the testing and extra parts for onsite repairs. If a repair is needed one of our team members will contact the customer to discuss the repair needed for a passing backflow test.

Backflow Testing in portland oregon
What is a backflow assembly?

A backflow prevention assembly is a testable device which uses spring loaded check valves to prevent polluted or contaminated water from flowing backwards into the drinking water in a building, on a block, or throughout an entire public drinking water system. 

Backflow anatomy & how it works.
Low priced backflow testing in Oregon
What is our Annual Auto Test Program?
As a result of feedback from our customers, we implemented the Annual Auto Test Program. When you sign up for the Annual Auto Test Program, we will test your assembly and report the results to your water district each year automatically. This program provides peace of mind that you will be in compliance!

We strive to provide a seamless and efficient service. The Annual Auto Test Program allows us to offer testing for a $10.00 discount.

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